ZETA/BETA/GO™ is a business consulting service relating to the integration of business process technology, organizational learning, change management and operational sustainability. This service is beneficial for clients who need significant change to allow for future operational sustainability.


The agency delivers this service through a series of assessments, strategies and recommendations to guide clients through organizational changes. We consult with clients to help integrate key areas of their business in a simple, focused way. Offered to new and current clients, we deliver a specific, measurable process for change management across the client’s business - including marketing, sales and operations. We define clear roles and accountabilities for all internal and external constituents and a communications plan to maintain open dialogue throughout. At the end of the process, the client will have successfully transformed their organization with minimized disruption and maximum room for growth.


This service includes the following:

-        Outline for phased change management for preparation, testing and optimization
-        Review of client’s existing models, processes and structures
-        Development of new models and processes for customized client change management platforms
-        Structural, organizational and role definition guidance for client/agency teams
-        Development of customized client measurement framework featuring key performance metrics
-        Communications planning and execution
-        Leadership and oversight of change management steering committees for clients
-        Creative development and customized execution for client platform
-        Development of training strategy for client implementation