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Santander Bank

Beyond Money

Life goes beyond money

Santander Bank short film Beyond Money: Cuanto Mas Alla Del Dinero

How do you sell a bank account to a generation of people who blame the banks for everything?  

By creating a 17-minute sci-fi film starring one of Spain’s brightest film stars that posed an even more intriguing question: What are your most precious memories worth?

If you’re not able to discover what things can touch people’s hearts and you’re not able to discover the needs and expectations of people, you’re not going to be able to be relevant.

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Person on street in Guy Fawkes mask holding a sign that says Nobody Expects The #SpanishRevolution.

Leaning into the insight that Spanish millennials have felt the pains of the economic crisis more than anybody, we looked deeply into who and what they blame. Their responses were overwhelmingly direct: banks.  

So, to destigmatize the obstacles, we created “Beyond Money,” a 17-minute film set in a near future where you can sell and buy experiences stored in your memory. 

What’s worth more: money or experiences?

The film was used across media platforms including online, TV, cinema and in Santander offices and branches across Spain. 

In just the first week, the film earned 7.3 million views across all channels. 

And, importantly, it gave people a little more confidence to trust Santander with their money. 

Popcorn Container: Cuanto Mas Alla Del Dinero

It was the feel-good hit of the year.