Enrique Jardiel Poncela, 6
Madrid, 28016 Spain
+34 91 436 01 38  
Avda. Diagonal 662-664
Barcelona, 08034 Spain
+34 932 52 55 00  

A City of Contrasts

Castiza and avant-garde, this is Madrid. Between vermouth and quinoa the traditional chulapos move among hipsters, executives, artists and rockers flaps. MRM's office, sited in an old blue-jean factory, is a reflection of this effervescense and diversity. A big family lives here that grows, remakes and rejuvenates itself. A family who speaks with many accents but in a universal language: embraces the newcomer, raises a glass when someone departs and always helps whoever stumbles.

It’s about knowing there is a solution in reach, even though you can’t see it yet.