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Creative Fusion

San Francisco doesn’t just have culture, it has counterculture. It has hippies and tech geeks. Cable cars and self-driving cars. A thriving art scene and a booming app scene. It’s truly a city with a colorful past and cutting-edge future. We are constantly inspired by the San Francisco of yesterday and tomorrow. We’ve always been scrappy as a city, doing things that others say are impossible. Just ask the 49ers (the gold miners and the football team), the flower child, and all of Silicon Valley. It’s that same “can-do” energy we have in our office every day. We may be small but we make big things happen. We love this city by the bay—even its unforgiving hills. With every clang-clang of the cable car, we’re reminded how far we have come and how far we will go.

If I ever need inspiration, I simply take a walk in any direction. That’s the joy of living and working in San Francisco.

Russ Duren

We Lead