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Bucharest, 030971 Romania
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Our focus is to make the moment of transaction meaningful

Optaros is the e-Commerce offering for MRM. Whether it’s e-Commerce strategy, interactive and visual design or technical development, we are the trusted e-Commerce partner to enable your businesses goals and solve complex problems through technology. We create useful, frictionless, and personalized e-Commerce sites that deliver on your brand promise and optimize your business throughout the customer experience in order to ensure meaningful transaction.


Convenient. Helpful. Intuitive.

“I expect to find what I want in a few steps.”


Easy to use and navigate. Fluid. Seamless.

“I expect to seamlessly transact all the way from the shopping cart to the purchase confirmation.”


Designed to meet individual needs and requirements.

“I expect commerce experiences to align to my personal needs, including the devices I am using.”

We Create

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We Collaborate

Gold Partner

A SAP Commerce Cloud Gold Partner since 2012, Optaros was the first to implement SAP Commerce Cloud’s new Merchandising Module and was chosen by SAP, the parent company of SAP Customer Experience, to build and enhance the SAP HANA marketplace.


Global Elite Partner

A Magento partner since 2008, Optaros is now a Global Elite Partner, a Magento Advisory Board member and a Spirit of Excellence award-winner. We built the first Magento/Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) integrated implementation and are a key participant in Magento's ongoing research and development efforts.
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Business Solution Partner

A Salesforce Commerce Cloud Business Solution Partner since 2012, Optaros has implemented multi-brand retail transformation and expedited the launch and scaling for a billion dollar business.

Our Solutions


We strengthen and achieve your e-Commerce business and financial goals using customer insights, understanding of marketplace trends and innovations, and by continuous optimization.

  • Growing revenue and conversion
  • Establishing objectives and KPIs
  • Business cases, ROI models, TCO models
  • Competitive landscape and market segmentation
  • User research and requirements
  • Analytics and optimization
  • Set and help achieve financial and business goals
  • Gain customer insights and strengthen relationships
  • Optimize your site using data-driven insights
  • Formulate an omni-channel strategy and experience


We develop user-centric design that’s shaped by consumer insights and a deep understanding of technology.

  • Conceptual and visual design
  • Content strategy and creation
  • Information architecture and wireframe creation
  • Functional and omni-channel ideation and documentation
  • User testing and focus groups
  • Deliver experiences that engage and convert
  • Create and strengthen customer relationships
  • Gain insights into customer behaviors and needs
  • Create the “connected consumer” journey
  • Improve customer service


Our team of talented technologists help boost online sales by implementing adaptive e-Commerce platforms.

  • Web-enabled sales through a global flagship online store
  • Ability to scale into omni-channel experiences
  • Global reach and multi-national website rollouts
  • Data capture and customer insights
  • Magento, SAP Hybris and Salesforce Commerce Cloud e-Commerce platform implementations
  • Technical architects, developers and quality assurance
  • Low-cost technical delivery out of our office in Bucharest


We create responsive and adaptive e-Commerce experiences across mobile device operating systems.

  • Hybrid and full-featured native experiences
  • Cross-platform capabilities
  • Customer facing or business support solutions
  • Application of leading-edge technologies
  • Put e-Commerce in the hands of customers
  • Geo-target customers for more targeted sales
  • Track customer location and buying behavior


We provide all the support you need to keep your digital investment up-to-date and in prime condition.

  • 24/7 global support
  • Performance monitoring
  • Ongoing updates
  • Provide scalability to meet rising demand
  • Eliminate competing priorities for IT team
  • Increase speed to market


Customers don’t think in terms of channels – they just expect and demand consistency. That’s why omnichannel is so important.

  • Web and mobile omnichannel design
  • Omnichannel inventory visibility
  • Distributed catalog and merchandise management
  • Mobile and web applications
  • Salesforce enablement applications
  • Holistic view of the customer
  • Consolidated view of inventory
  • System of record for product and merchandising content

We Lead