Adobe Acquires Magento

At the end of May 2018, Adobe announced their acquisition of Magento. Recently the acquisition was made complete. Our team here at Optaros by MRM//McCann, the e-commerce offering of MRM//McCann, is delighted by the news! Today, we are one of two Magento Global Elite partners that are also an Adobe Specialized Global Alliance partner. Our position at the top tiers of both the Magento and Adobe partnership programs has provided us with a unique view of the acquisition and put us at a distinct advantage.


Our relationship with Adobe dates back to the beginning of their entry into the content management space. Since then, we have delivered AEM’s largest and most complicated project ever implemented to regional sites that support a single division. We’ve been awarded a multitude of times, most notably Adobe Specialization and Adobe Partner of the Year. And for the second straight year, MRM//McCann has been designated a Leader in Gartner Inc.’s “Magic Quadrant for Global Digital Marketing Agencies” report.


Throughout the years, we have built and grown our content practice through our close relationship with Adobe. Fortunately, Adobe continues to make acquisitions that align well with our own growth and acquisition strategy. Adobe’s most recent acquisition, that of Magento, brings two robust solutions full circle.


Over the course of our ten years as a Magento partner, we have enjoyed watching the company’s explosive growth and success. Today Magento exists as one of the most well-respected and widely recognized e-commerce solutions on the market. We have been fortunate enough to ride the Magento wave and have launched some of the largest and most complex e-commerce websites on the web today. We’ve had the honor and privilege of taking a substantial part in the recent architecture overhaul and platform upgrade that we all know as Magento 2. Additionally, we have substantial experience working with the Magento Order Management (MOM) solution.


Adobe, known for their strength in content management, had a gap to fill in the way of an e-commerce solution. Their acquisition of Magento brings them to titan status. This fusion of content + commerce comes with exponential benefit to existing clients of both Adobe and Magento.


What we have noticed on the Adobe side of our practice is that customers want to find a way to monetize their visitors further by offering a commerce experience. The customers on the Magento side of our business feel similarly; they are striving to offer a world-class experience, serving relevant content that will essentially get the customer to buy more and more frequently.


With our unique position of being one of two agencies in the world with both Adobe Specialized Global Alliance and Magento Global Elite status, we feel that this acquisition represents two best-of-breed platforms coming together to form a truly powerful solution to any customer looking to offer up a world-class experience no matter where the visitor is on the site. Everyone can agree that we’ve been seeing an acquisition trend in the market and this one in particular has us raising our glasses to the folks that made this happen.