CLIENT: Nespresso

INDUSTRY: Food & Beverage

CAPABILITIES: Campaigns, Innovation, Creative, Digital Production, Digital Strategy & Marketing

Many of us depend on that morning and afternoon cup of coffee at the office. And most of us are resigned to believing that when it comes to “office coffee,” we shouldn’t expect anything flavorful, interesting … or even very enjoyable. With their new “Flavored” campaign for Nespresso, our MRM Paris team aims to change that very idea.


Launched worldwide, the campaign targets office professionals and businesses. It is designed to spread the word about Nespresso’s two new, delicious flavored coffees, Espresso Caramel and Espresso Vanilla. We created a campaign that focuses on the new flavors’ gourmet feel — the kind of high-end flavors that typically aren’t found in the office kitchen. Their goal: To prove Nespresso’s ability to innovate and show what sets the brand apart from other coffee makers.

Agnes Puig

Deputy General Manager

"Our objectives were about creating awareness by surprising and delighting consumers. We accomplished this and more, bringing our vision to life and positioning them for success down the line."

To reach coffee drinkers and buyers, we combined images and words that appeal to the senses with an almost poetic feeling. Assets developed include film, brochure, letter/order form, flyer, tent card, postcard, tasting kit, emails, banners, landing page and home page.


The campaign stays true to Nespresso’s premium values and immerses the target audience into a sensory and even dream-like world. It’s a world away from their typical “office coffee.”

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