Decoding the science of relationships to advance health for all

Of all the relationships we have, we believe the most important one is with our own health. And that relationship has never seemed as all-consuming as it is today.

That’s why, at MRM for Health, we creatively engineer experiences designed to inform, inspire and improve outcomes across the full spectrum of health — for everyone.

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The heart of it all: Total Human Experiences

There’s a real science behind relationships, and that’s exactly what we’re focused on — because it’s what the world of health revolves around.

Through an elegant harmony of strategy, technology, creativity and science — working seamlessly together and all flowing with data — we create Total Human Experiences that positively impact and enhance relationships between people, people and businesses, and businesses with each other.

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We work with businesses to activate relationships across every part of the health journey

Social activation: Driving healthier choices for consumers in the nutritional/food space.

Data-driven, micro-segmented CRM: Piloting a new level of adherence and brand loyalty through highly personalized, behavior-based communications.

Influencer engagement: Enlisted messengers of faith to help underserved communities overcome vaccine hesitancy.

Omnichannel & End-to-End: Driving everything from brand awareness to patient activation as the AOR for a multi-indication diabetes breakthrough therapy. 

Shared decision making: Digital point-of-care tool to help patients and care team engage in a shared decision-making approach to oncology treatments prior to initiation.

Doctor using tablet while speaking with patient Doctor using tablet while speaking with patient Doctor using tablet while speaking with patient

Decoding with data

Designing with empathy

Delivering with meaning

Democratization of data and technology has enabled us to meet people wherever they are in their health journey, with sensitivity, purpose and privacy.

And we challenge businesses to behave in human ways to make every touchpoint matter, continually energizing relationships by listening, learning and adjusting to deliver more value and relevance over time.