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General Motors

Certified Pre-Owned Storytime

Want to hear a story?

Man sitting in chair introducing GM Certified Pre-Owned Story Time

GM was looking to break through the automotive clutter and give people something to make them feel confident about their used car experience. 

So we partnered with them to create a totally new experience: GM Certified Story Time. A series of Certified Pre-Owned Happily Ever Afters. 

We wanted to bring that happiness back to that consumer. Leveraging the excitement that you get when you are buying a vehicle and the thrill of picking the one that’s just right for you. 

— Hear more of Josie’s thoughts on strategy 

Screenshot of man on couch from Change of Heart, Exchange Policy video

An entire library full of teasers and takes to tell people about the program.

Seriously — we built a literal library. Literally.

With a strategy centered around appealing to people on an emotional level and allowing the process to become a truly happy experience — no doubt about it. 

That insight, combined with the power of data and retargeting, ensured that active shoppers got the right message at the right time.

Delivered through intelligently positioned pre-roll, interactive banner videos and social media posts. 

Certified Story Time: We’ll help find your perfect match

You know, people love hearing stories. And you know, when you have a campaign called story time, you gotta tell that story. 

— Listen to more of our client’s thoughts on the campaign 

Man in cactus costume

All driving people to one main storytelling hub: 

Where real people can write a happy ending to their own car shopping tale. 

GM Certifed Story Time page overview GM Certifed Story Time page overview GM Certifed Story Time page overview

The results? They tell their own kind of story.