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Killer Discounts

Go full-send for KFC discounts

KFC Killer Discounts: Hunt Offers in the Game, Win KFC in Real Life

In January 2020, KFC created an activation that literally got gamers to go hunting for promos. 

These players could continue doing what they love to do, playing Fortnite, while also getting some great offers from KFC.

Killer Discounts is a great example of how the brand actually connected with the people. One simple activation opened an entire world and an entire communication platform for KFC.

— Hear what Laura has to say about connecting with gamers

Female Fortnite character standing over circle of blue light

The idea? Simple. We asked Romania’s top gamers to rename themselves as discount percentages within the game. All participants would have to do was join our game and shoot a discount to instantly win some delicious KFC. 

We partnered up with the biggest gaming hub in Romania to create a gaming event, and the activation was centered around one big event day.  

Prior to the main event, we rolled out three weeks of concentrated promotion, in which the streamers started referring to themselves as KFC discounts to tease the big game day.  

Our KFC streamers then invited gamers to join the Fortnite matches and threw down the challenge to hunt them down. 

On game day, each player that killed one of our discounts would instantly receive a KFC voucher. We delivered these exclusive rewards on a private chat in Discord, the platform where many gamers talk.  

While the bulk of the campaign was centered around the in-game hack in Fortnite, additional social components supported the activation.

Collage of Fortnite players, gaming screenshots, and messages Collage of Fortnite players, gaming screenshots, and messages Collage of Fortnite players, gaming screenshots, and messages

This unique game experience was cool for everyone: influencers got a chance to prove they were the best players by fighting against everyone that hunted them, while gamers got a chance to hunt their favorite influencers and win exclusive discounts. 

And because our data showed us that 1-in-2 young Romanians are gamers, we attracted a huge base of both gamers and watchers.  

All of this allowed us to deliver KFC discounts from inside the game, giving us the opportunity to reach a new audience in a fun and disruptive way. 

The results were right on target.